Facing Today While Building For Tomorrow

Lead Your Team to Future Success

Interactive Live Online Training for Business Continuity in the Covid-19 Lockdown

In this fast paced, interactive online workshop series, you will focus on the tools and techniques required in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Working with Dale Carnegie’s leading online trainers will discover the tools and techniques required to lead teams through change effectively work together in a virtual environment whilst managing stress and preparing strategically for tomorrow’s success.

This workshop covers the following critical factors:

As leaders develop and hone the skills needed to bring this competitive advantage to their business, they create an environment where employees are motived to bring their best to work.

What You'll Learn

Across these four online modules, you’ll learn to:

  • Avoid the most common change leadership mistakes
  • Recognise the elements of and apply a model for change element
  • Explore principles for handling stress more effectively
  • Develop strategies for managing stress with peers
  • Define the skills sets important to virtual team members and leaders
  • Identify the five success factors for building and leading virtual teams
  • Identify ways that strategic planning differs from tactical planning

How it will help you

Throughout this fast paced, interactive online program, your management team will morph from managers of yesterday’s modes, to leaders who inspire, energise and innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Upcoming Course Dates

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