Building the Foundation for Organisational Agility

Research from the Business Agility Institute revealed that 71% of the companies they surveyed had low business agility. Alarming statistics considering the competitive and rapidly changing times we live and work in.

Keen to learn more about agile organisations, Dale Carnegie commissioned a global survey to discover the building blocks of agile organisations, so that other companies could have a framework and strategies to build agility within their organisation in a focused, deliberate way.

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Agility will give organisations the competitive edge when it comes to talent and technology

The ability to make speedy decisions, to outpace the competition with innovative ideas, is what will give organisations the edge as AI continues to expand.

New research by Dale Carnegie identifies the Building Blocks of Agile Organisations, that enables businesses to adapt to the changing needs of the markets they work in.

The Machines are Coming – Only the Agile Will Survive!

The continued and meteoric rise of artificial intelligence and other technological advancements, has left many organisations and employees worried about their futures.

In this blog Dale Carnegie dispels the myths around AI and looks at the importance of soft skills in the rise of the machines.