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Providing great customer service is tough and requires excellent interpersonal skills, communication ability and the ability to maintain a positive attitude often under relentless pressure.

This 3 part, 90 minute Live Online workshop series is designed to sharpen customer service skills, attitudes and resilience using the World renown Dale Carnegie principles and processes. The outcome: happy loyal and productive customers.

Module 1 Attitudes for Service

When it comes to customer service, attitude trumps aptitude. Creating and maintaining a customer service attitude involves understanding expectations, going above and beyond, and being a customer advocate. It sounds simple, but successful organizations recognize that customer satisfaction stems from a series of attitudes and behaviors toward clients including helpfulness, respect, and expression of genuine interest. Demonstrating a culture of customer service drives customer loyalty leading to profitability and growth and causes clients to be champions for your organization.

Module 2 Transforming Customer Complaints into Opportunities

A complaint doesn’t have to be a negative experience. There are two aspects of complaints, emotional and rational, so resolving them requires dealing with both. By clarifying complaints, lowering anxiety for both parties, using practical guidelines, and applying a process that deals with both the emotional and rational factors, participants can build even stronger customer relationships.

Using the Recovery Formula can help turn a complaint into an opportunity to create a loyal customer. Cross and up selling opportunities can result from a well-handled complaint. Finally, examining root causes of your common complaints can help you find ways to reduce or eliminate them. By effectively resolving complaints you can reduce stress, build relationships, and improve customer loyalty and retention.

Module 3 Communicating Effectively

We have all been awed by someone who always seems to know what to say and how to say it in any situation. These people know how to communicate effectively anytime, anywhere. The ability to communicate effectively in a variety of settings and styles is one of the key behaviors critical to a successful career. Not only is this skill crucial to success in the work environment, but it has an important impact on all areas of life.

This training module helps you become a more effective communicator by teaching you to build rapport and positive relationships, become a better listener, honor diversity in the workplace, and adapt your message for your audience.

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