Live online training

Actively participate in highly interactive programs from your office or home as certified instructors facilitate challenging collaborative activities.

Working Remotely

Completion of this short workshop will equip you with new tools to operate in today’s reality.

Remotely doesn’t mean alone – find new ways to build as a team from behind the screen.

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Leading Virtual Teams

Completion of this short programme will equip leaders and managers with new skills to draw on as they operate in todays virtual world. Find out how and what will build virtual teams to new levels of effectiveness.

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Facing Today While Building For Tomorrow

Today’s reality is different to anything we have faced before. But we can’t stop and as managers and leaders we need to effectively deal with the needs of now while preparing for what lies ahead.

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Leverage Your Leadership Potential

In today’s world leadership and management skills are a critical investment for business growth and development.
Join this 10 week programme to build the competencies and skills for managers to lead as they face the challenges of business

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Build an Engaged and Resilient Team

This 10 session programme builds the core behaviours and skills for today’s workers and managers. Focussed on the ability to engage, communicate and deal with people in any setting, the programme builds confidence, self esteem and even addresses the stressors that are shifting and shaping our modern world.

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Live Online Programs

Online training courses link from any location within an organization, allowing them to learn at their own pace with flexible part time classes and training that fit their schedules. Together, they’ll discover an interactive professional development that grows them as individuals, the group as a team, and the company as a whole.

An approach that drives business results


1-hour course delivered by a live instructor
Fast-paced, live interaction
Practical skills you can immediately apply


Two or three-hour live facilitated sessions
Breakout rooms enable small group collaboration and facilitated dialog
Individualized trainer coaching & feedback


Multiple weekly sessions for either 4 or 6 weeks
Includes all engaging features of workshops
Apply skills between sessions and report back progress to change performance


You may choose both in-person and live online programs to tailor your learning journey
Combine the power of in-person interaction and coaching with online convenience