How do you change a great employee into a great leader?

The transition from buddy to boss can be the most difficult in any person’s career. Too often it is assumed that a high performing employee will naturally progress to an effective and engaging manager.

You wouldn’t let someone drive a car without lessons, yet research shows that the majority of organisations put new managers in charge of their businesses and people without any training. This is probably why 60% of new managers fail or under-perform in their first two years.

Yet those organisations who do develop their managers see organisational performance improve by 23%.

So how can businesses help new and inexperienced managers shift their mind-set and behaviours so that they stop doing and start leading?

85% of business leaders are not confident about their leadership pipelines

There is a talent crisis looming – an ageing workforce, the impact of Brexit, flexible working, millennials with differing expectations are just some of the reasons that business leaders need to identify and nurture future leaders within their business.

This free leadership coaching guide will teach you seven proven steps and practical techniques to create an atmosphere where people are consistently motivated to reach their highest potential.

44% of new managers feel unprepared for their role

Most new and inexperienced managers struggle as they adapt to the realities of a leadership role. Many of the tools and skills that they relied on for success as an individual contributor will not serve them as a leader.

In order to take command and be successful they need to develop new skills and strategies so they can create and lead a high performing team.

This free e-book looks at 3 focus areas new managers can work on to avoid common pitfalls.

Free Resources for Developing Future Leaders