10 Tips for Sales Prospecting

  1. Build your network:  Who do you know?  Who do they know?  The more people you know, the more people know you
  2. Ask for referrals:  don’t just ask who do you know, be specific.  Look at their supply chain, look at their industry.  Ask for specific introductions to specific people.
  3. Use social media:  LinkedIn is where business people talk and listen to other business people.  Aim for 1000 connections.  Be careful what customers or prospects can see on your Facebook pages
  4. Attend specific industry events: CIPD, IOD, ISMM,
  5. Make a wish list of your dream clients. Research what might be of interest or what you have in common and then get to work connecting with them.
  6. Be a speaker:  Put yourself forward to speak at networking or business events. If you practice to make a positive impression people will remember you.
  7. Keep your eyes and ears open:   Keep  looking and listening for who is doing well in your target sector then give them positive feedback on their progress
  8. Sell yourself as an expert in your field:  Would you sooner take advice from a sales person or a subject matter expert?
  9. Look after your existing customers: They are the most effective source of your next order
  10. Don’t forget cold calling: it still works and it’s not that difficult once you get your head round it.