Managing Workplace Stress in a New Reality

Interactive Live Online Training for Business Continuity in the Covid-19 Lockdown

The list of stress factors in today’s lock down environment grows longer every day.

People react differently to living and working in this new environment. Some can become fearful others aggressive, while some become passive or shut down altogether

What You’ll Learn

In this interactive online workshop, we will learn to effectively work together in a virtual environment, assess our own reactions and identify the challenges others are experiencing while looking at ways to effectively lead ourselves and others to stop worrying and start working to their full potential

Why you want to learn it

The impact of stress takes a heavy toll on people and organizations. With the challenges of a highly competitive, global economy, the rate of change will continue to create stress. Being able to cope more effectively is a survival issue for everyone, and even an opportunity to thrive.

How it will help you

Upcoming Course Dates

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