Customer Service Excellence Programme

Loyal customers are the engine of every business!

Dale Carnegie Training® brings companies the right tools to cultivate valued, lasting customers. These include practices to help employees become good interpreters of what customers want today and expect tomorrow. We present the most effective tactics for overcoming customer dissatisfaction and client defection. We even offer strategies employees can use to negotiate big wins for both their companies and their customers.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn how to forge those essential, positive relationships by discovering the skills needed to build external and internal relationships, tackle issues such as how people can partner across functions to exceed customer expectations, initiate new services to generate add-on and cross-selling opportunities, and leverage “best practices” to strengthen customer ties.

Why you want to learn it

There is a strong relationship between customer service and your company’s bottom line. The skills you will learn will enable you to deliver exceptional value to your customer and results for your organisation.

How it will help you

You’ll learn to anticipate customer needs, identify selling opportunites, resolve complaints, exceed expectations and create loyal customers.

Upcoming Course Dates

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